Where to Buy Handmade Reproductions

If you are a serious art lover, you’ll have a “wish list” of paintings you want to have on the walls of your home. Usually, the names on the list will include famous classic oil paintings by some Old Masters. Unfortunately, most famous original oil paintings are housed in art museums, and the ones in private collections are so expensive when they come on auction that they are out of the price range of “normal” art lovers.

Fortunately, there is a way to make your dream of famous paintings on your walls come true. Handmade reproductions of the most famous works are available at reasonable, affordable prices. Oil reproductions can be so well done that only experts can distinguish between the original and the reproduction. Therefore, you must find the right place to buy these good handmade reproductions.

In this article, we’ll discuss what you have to look for when purchasing handmade reproductions and list some of the important aspects the seller – usually an online art gallery – should offer you. For your convenience, we also provide the names of three reputable galleries you can contact.

What is Meant by “Handmade Reproduction?”

The terms “handmade reproductions” and “replicas” of paintings can sometimes be confusing. So let’s start by defining these two terms – at least to the extent we are going to use the terms in this article. The two terms refer to the same type of copied painting for many people. In this article, however, we’ll follow the trend used by many art scholars and make the following distinction between the two terms:

  • Replica: The term refers to a detailed copy of the painting usually made by the original artist self.
  • Handmade reproduction refers to an exact copy of the original painting made by a reproduction artist. It is usually made because the original is no longer available for auction or sell.

We’ll discuss oil painting reproductions as defined above and not replica paintings. In other words, the replica art or copy painting we’ll refer to will always be painting reproductions by reproduction artists and not copies by the original artists themselves.

What Kind of Artist Do You Look for When Buying Art Reproductions?

To ensure that you acquire an excellent hand-painted portrait reproduction of the original oil painting you want, you have to know the basic specifications and features of good fine art reproductions. You must also be sure that the reproduction artist who created the hand-painted portrait was professionally equipped to create the reproduction.

The rule of thumb is that good art reproduction can only be done by a well-qualified and skilled reproduction painter. The artist should preferably be someone with a classical art background, especially if you are interested in reproductions of classical oil paintings and oil drawings by the Old Masters.

An art reproduction that will be done so well that it is virtually impossible to distinguish it from the original can only be handmade if the reproduction painter is well-informed about the artwork to be reproduced (also called the first painting), the original painter, the paint and type of canvas that were used and the painting methods that the original painter applied.

With all this said, it is clear that to get a good handmade painting as a reproduction of the original, the oil, canvas, and painting technique should be as near to the original first painting as possible.

How and Where Can You Find Good Original Reproductions?

The best way to find the reproduction you want is to search online for art gallery paintings. Reputable online art galleries from which you can buy excellent handmade oil reproductions include 1st Art Gallery and others with this service.

These galleries usually have teams of reproduction artists. Each artist has specific expertise enabling the gallery to create any oil painting from any art period. Therefore, when you use an art gallery with a good reputation, you can be sure that their reproduction artists have the knowledge and skills to produce handmade paintings, which are exact reproductions of the original paintings in all aspects. The aspects include a depiction, color, texture, canvas, and oils used.

The three galleries mentioned above and other well-known galleries are all dedicated to making your home a private and unique art gallery. All of them provide fabulous museum-quality oil painting reproductions of masterpieces.

Their reproductions concern colors, details, technique, and “feeling” as close to the famous original painting as possible. Some of these galleries have existed for more than 20 years, and they all offer hundreds of handmade reproductions.

What Should An Online Art Gallery Offer You About Oil Reproductions?

When you compare online art galleries to find the one you want to buy from, you must be aware that there are also fly-by-night galleries that are not in a position to provide you with quality oil reproductions. For your convenience, we list a few aspects you can use to verify the art galleries you are contacting.

  • The gallery should offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Many also offer their customers a 365-day money guarantee and a 365-day return policy if the artwork encounters “technical” problems like color changing. Many galleries give a lifetime guarantee on all the work done.
  • The gallery should also be able to provide you with a list of previous and current customers which you can contact. 1st Art Gallery for instance, has more than 300,00 happy customers in total.
  •  If you have any doubts about the reproduction artist, the gallery should be able to certify and/or give proof that their artists are all well-trained and skilled.
  • Shipping of the work should be free worldwide.


Affordable handmade reproductions of famous artworks are available, making it possible for you to have your own private art gallery in your home. We hope this article helps you find reputable online art galleries such as 1st Art Gallery and others with this service.



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