Agentur «Kronstadt» GmbH is involved in several innovative projects with a potential of becoming an investment partner, co-operating with partner companies all over the EU. We successfully work with governmental structures, including local state bodies and the European Commission. Among our partners are banks, investment companies and associations of business ‘angels’. Our mission includes four major directions:

  • Products and processes certification and patenting in Europe;
  • Bridging R&D activities between Eastern and Western European partners and assistance in commercialization of outcomes of R&D projects; 
  • R&D and commercialization in the field of industrial and home waste processing;
  • R&D and commercialization in the field of aviation engineering.

Competences of AK include: 

  • Search for projects, check of their market viability.
  • Support of hi-tech projects and inventions at the stage of their introduction, development and commercialization.
  • Organisational decisions, suitable for project development in the European market.
  • Advancement of inventions and hi-tech products from Eastern Europe countries to the world market.
  • Organization of PR campaigns, as well as thematic conferences, seminars, practical trainings for organizations and enterprises from the EU and neighbouring countries (Investment-innovation-transfer of technologies).
  • Organization of participation of the European companies in industrial exhibitions in different regions of Eastern Europe, support before and during the exhibitions.