Agentur Kronstadt GmbH (Hamburg, Germany, AK) is an R&D performing SME established in 2001 and successfully operating since then.

We are involved in several innovative projects with a potential of becoming an investment partner, co-operating with partner companies all over the EU. We successfully work with governmental structures, including local state bodies and the European Commission. Among our partners are banks, investment companies and associations of business ‘angels’.

Our mission includes four major directions:

  • Products and processes certification and patenting in Europe;
  • Bridging R&D activities between Eastern and Western European partners and assistance in commercialization of outcomes of R&D projects; 
  • R&D and commercialization in the field of industrial and home waste processing;
  • R&D and commercialization in the field of aviation engineering.

Hamburg, where our agency is placed, is not only the foreign trade capital of Germany, but of the whole Northern Europe. The exemplary business climate and network makes Hamburg the ideal place to start, develop and commercialize a wide spectrum of projects.

For our projects we attract all possible forms of support. In order to do this, we successfully work with all governmental structures from the local state bodies up to the European Commission. Among our partners are universities, research-oriented companies, banks, investment companies and associations of business angels. We represent the interests of our clients on a long-term basis, coordinating the work of our carefully selected partners and subcontractors – engineering and logistics companies, attorneys, patent attorneys and tax advisers.