Agentur Kronstadt has a history of successful projects, details of which you can find under ESOT, Project ESTOLAS and Avia-Invest 2014. The completion of the mentioned projects would not be possible without expert knowledge and competences of specialists of Agentur Kronstadt.

Ms Arpine Ayvazyan: MSc, Website Manager (Team Leader) for the AK team. Projects: ESTOLAS, ESTOLAS-II, UTBIT, Master in Economics and Politics, experience in project and event management.

Mr Vladimir Papkov: founder and director of AK. Projects: ESTOLAS, ESTOLAS-II, Avia-Invest International Conference, UTBIT. 13 years of managerial experience, participation in many conferences and workshops.

Dr Vjaceslavs Lapkovskis: currently is a researcher and consultant of academic and industrial issues concerning waste management. Bachelour (1994) and Master (1997) degrees in chemistry and PhD degree (2013) in mechanical engineering. Dr. Lapkovsky has an extensive experience in solid waste treatment technologies, more than 10 years of experience in biomass processing technologies for waste-to-energy systems. Author of more than 40 scientific publications (chemistry, materials and environmental sciences), co-author of 5 patents.

Dr Olexiy Antoshkiv: Scientific adviser and technical adviser of issues concerning engine optimization and aviation technologies, as well as analysis of fuel, emission and noise evaluation. DSc from Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus, Germany. R&D projects: ESTOLAS, CLEAN-project, TECC-AE project. Over 14 year’s professional experience. More than 50 conference and journal papers in European and American conferences and journals (SAE, ISABE, ILASS).